Top 3 Pairings for Olive Moonlight


You may have known that Popeye's longtime love interest is Olive Oyl. But there's another "olive" that you'll also love. Olive oil goes well as a frozen dessert too. If you haven't tried this classic and fan favorite yet, here's our top 3 pairings for Olive Moonlight.  

3. Wine


Perfect partner for the cold night breeze.


2. Pancake a la mode

Pancake a la mode

Level up your regular vegan pancake sweetener, top it with Olive Moonlight.


1. Affogato


Morning or afternoon coffee fix? Soak a scoop of Olive Moonlight in espresso.

Olive moonlight may be simple by its looks but it is definitely tasteful and flexible. With its touch, everything becomes a delicacy.

 Try it now!



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