What's NEW at Ice Cream City's?

We've been on hiatus the past quarter to bring you better products, better service and better flavors. And now, the day has come that we're putting an end to your waiting. 

Here's the exciting things that are new at Ice Cream City's!

New Sizes - The Bronze Age

From our original personal gold can, our products are now available in two sizes! This is what we call 'The Bronze Age at Ice Cream City'.

You may now share your favorite delight with your family because our products are now available in Quart-Size tins! The content is also almost double than before. From our 300g pack gold can, our quart-size tins has a minimum of 500 to 530g. Just enough to be shared by 5 to 6 people. 

No worries if you're the one who wants to enjoy different flavors on different days. Ice Cream City's now has Tiny tins too! Unlike the other brand's tiny packs, this tiny tin is definitely loaded with super premium goodness and is usually 50% more than the usual tiny packs offered in the market. Ice Cream City's tiny tins contains a minimum of 150 to 160g in comparison to the usual 90 to 100g pack of other brands. With our tiny tins, you can taste different flavors anytime you want without compromising the freshness of your favorite ice cream.

More than that, our party size will be coming soon early next year. So, this bronze age is really worth the wait.


Super Premium Goodness

Our frozen desserts' high quality ingredients may not be new but here's the news! We just came out from our Ice Cream Studio and we we're able to develop an even thicker, richer and creamier version of our classic flavors. You loved our ice creams before and you'll definitely love it more now. With added plant protein, plant-derived fat and our new sweetener of choice, you will surely enjoy a much creamier and delicious mouthfeel on every flavor. What did we do at our Ice Cream Studio? We experimented 99999x to imitate the super premium quality of dairy ice creams and then tried it on our plant-based products. Once you taste it, you won't even believe that our frozen desserts are dairy-free! So exciting!


Denser and Heavier with Less Air

Another thing from a super premium frozen dessert is the amount of air. Our products have almost no air and definitely, we are not selling you air in can. This is called the overrun in ice cream. Standard brands and soft-served ice creams have up to 100% air that it's only almost what you're buying. On every flavor at Ice Cream City, you can be assured that with every bite, every scoop, you are scooping your delight! The texture is thicker, the flavor is richer and absolutely heavier.


New Sweetener

With regards to our main sweetener, we are now switching to low glycemic organic coconut sap. Because, why not? Our diabetic Ice Cream City-zens would like to enjoy their ice cream with lower chances of a blood sugar spike. It also gives a better taste in our frozen desserts. Yum!



New Gift Bags

Because you love to share our frozen desserts as gifts, we also now have gift bags. And the good news is, our gift bags are also plant-based! Made by locals from Albay, these beautiful buri bags that comes in different sizes are certainly a must-buy. It is a proudly Filipino product and definitely reusable. 


New Flavors

Of course, what's a relaunch if there are no new flavors? Here's the thing that will excite you more. We are also releasing our City's Finest - Flavors of Japan collection. With three exciting flavors that will surely bring you to the Land of the Rising Sun, experience Japan's staple and integral flavors like matcha, black sesame and, just perfect for the season, chestnut!

Moreover, our classic flavors are also reimagined-- with better texture and flavor that will undoubtedly give you a great Ice Cream City experience.

So, there's no need to wait now. Your favorites have come back. Visit our... oops, before we forget, we also want to serve you better so here's our...



New Website

Ordering is now easier with our new website. Surely, you'll enjoy our city news from time to time, contactless payment methods and seamless transactions. Visit www.icecreamcitys.com.


Looking forward to serve you at Ice Cream City's!


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