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Black Sesame Road 黒ゴマ

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Let's go and hit the Black Sesame Road. Slow down, don't miss the surprise on this road. With the delicious Cinnamon Quicksand Sauce, definitely, you will enjoy aboard.

Black Sesame, also known as "Kuro Goma" is a salient ingredient in Japanese and Asian cuisine. It imparts a roasted nutty flavor with deep earthy undertones and it's perfect on our cinnamon quicksand sauce. The combination of these two is definitely a sweet oblivion in this dark frozen dessert.

Flavor: Black Sesame with Cinnamon Quicksand Sauce

Vegan & Plant-based, Non-dairy, Gluten-free, Wheat-free

Main Sweetener: Low-glycemic Organic Coconut Sap

Plant-based MilkFresh almond milk & Soy-based Vegan Cream

Contains: Almond, Soy, Traces of tree nuts