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Olive Moonlight (Low Carb & Less Sugar)

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Our Metro Vanilla ice cream is the creamy platform that showcases this grassy and a little bit spicy ingredient-- the great olive oil. Witness the frozen marriage of cream and healthy oil which is magically churned into a moonlight-like ice cream delight! Oops, the science between this marriage is super and unexpectedly very cool!



Flavor: Classic Vanilla-like flavor using Olive Oil

Vegan & Plant-based, Non-dairy, Gluten-free, Wheat-free

Main Sweetener: Low-glycemic Organic Coconut Sap

Plant-based Milk: Fresh almond milk & Soy-based Vegan Cream

Contains: Almonds, Soy, Traces of tree nuts

Available in two sizes:

Quart-Size Tins (6"x2", Net Wt. 500g) *almost double the weight of our gold can, great for family sharing

180ml Tins (3.5"x1.5", Net Wt. 150g) *perfect for everyday delight